In the heart of a park of hundred-year-old trees, at 400 m from the sea, the Domain of the “Eolienne” is ready to welcome you at Carqueiranne for unforgettable holidays on the coast of azure.

This countryhouse built at the begining of the 19th century and renovated in 2009, with a capacity to host 8 to 10 persons, with its own garden of 1400 m2, is ideally situated. As near to nature as to urban areas (20 km from Toulon and 5 km from Hyères), you will make the most of the sunshine (on average 300 days per year) taking advantage of all the region has to offer, or simply enjoying the pristine


The domain derives its name from a former windmill, the purpose of which was to pump water from a well to a cistern. The water was then used to irrigate surrounding farmlands. This system of collection and storage of water represented richness in a region known for its droughts. The mill was destroyed during the 2nd World war. The avenue leading to the house nevertheless kept its name : the Valley of the Eolienne.

Welcome to the Eolienne !